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Never miss an expected payment

Get a list of dividends where you are entitled to a payment.

This occours when you have held some shares on an ex dividend date and are waiting for the funds to be paid.

Get a clear picture on upcoming dividends

Get a list of all the upcoming dividends for your portfolio.

These are predicted up to a year in advance so you can have a good idea of your future income.

Integrates seamlessly with your calendar

With an updated iCal feed, you can add your expected payment dates or ex dividend dates right into your Google or Apple calendar.

Analyse your past dividend performance

Explore all your previous dividends with ease and see if they are earning their keep.

All the important metrics

View key metrics like yield on cost to accurately assess your portfolio health.

Get Portfolio Insights

Get in-depth diversification insights for sectors, countries and stock type.

This will help you understand how your portfolio is spread and if you are over exposed to any particular sector.

And get a full view of all your holdings.

Even more features...

Get notified of ex-dividend dates

Estimated Dividends

Estimate dividend income a year in advance.


Separate your holdings with multiple portfolios

Fractional Shares

Record shares down to 8 decimal places

UK, US Symbols and More

Our symbols cover UK, US, European and other listings

Free Tier

Add your portfolio for free to try us out.

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"I love the simplicity on how easy the divitrack platform is to use. It shows all the dividend related information I want to know. Thanks guys!"

- Johnny

"I really like DiviTrack, it's exactly the tool that I have been looking for. The interface is really clear and it has all the options I need. Thanks for that!"

- Ben

"Such a fantastic service you're providing here, I'm going to recommend this to a lot of my friends. I don't make a ton of money in dividend payments but before now I've always had to calculate future dividends manually, so your tool is fantastic."

- Sam




Unlimited Stocks
1 Portfolio
100 Orders
100 Dividend Payments
1 Tax Rule
Up to 2 months Predictions

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per month

Unlimited Stocks
20 Portfolios
10,000 Orders
10,000 Dividend Payments
100 Tax Rules
1 Year Predictions


Yes. We will always have a free tier available for use. There is a Premium tier available for more advanced investors.

Currently we read your Trading 212 export CSV file and import your holdings from there.

All stock prices are end-of-day prices which are updated daily. All dividends are updated once a week. News is updated once a day.

We mainly support Trading 212 but you can also add your orders manually or import via a generic CSV file.
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