Frequently Asked Questions

What exchanges do you support?

You can find a full list of exchanges supported and their exchange codes here.

How often do you update the stock prices?

Currently, all stock prices are updated at 07:00 UTC with the previous close price.

Are the figures adjusted for splits?

Yes, all dividends and prices are adjusted for splits.

How do I enable DRIP?

Currently, this is not something we support. You can add each reinvestment manually by clicking the add order button.

I received a symbol not found error. Now what?

Make sure you add the exchange suffix to your symbol (see supported exchanges and corresponding suffixes here). If it still isn't found, this is most likely because our data provider hasn't got it for some reason. Unfortunately this means we cannot support it at this time.

How often do you update the dividends?

Once a week, usually on a wednesday. This updates the estimated dividends also.

How are the estimated dividends calculated?

We use our own algorithm to project the previous years dividends forward. This assumes that the rate of dividend increase and the frequency of the payments will not change. We only estimate a maximum of one year ahead. If the stock hasn't issued any dividends in the past year, we don't calculate any future estimations.

What symbols do you support?

We support all major exchanges listed here. Usually we will support most symbols within these exchanges.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All your data is protected with multiple layers of network and application security. We also hash all passwords with the latest cryptographic algorithms meaning even we have no access to your password.

What does inactive mean on a stock?

This means divitrack is no longer updating this ticker. This usually happens because a stock has been delisted.

Do the plan limits reset?

The limits apply to your account at all times until you change your plan.

How do referrals work?

In the account section, you can activate your referral account with your chosen identifier. This will give you a unique link. Once somone signs up with this link, it will show on your account page. If this person then purchases a Premium subscription and does not cancel within the trial period, your account will be credited with 1 free month. You can only claim these free months if you have signed up to a premium subscription. If you have free credits on your account, it will use these before charging you after you have passed the free trial.